Installation of Fixtures and Fittings

We have fulfilled the installation of high-value and hi-tech furniture and fixtures in store on behalf of major international clients such as Mars and Unilever, which are installed in the MENA region as part of a regional strategy by the brand owners. We can help with initial design of display units or execute our customers’ roll out plans and can provide import/re-export facilities, warehousing, delivery and installation of display units. Niche employs dedicated staff in all locations, who are trained to the highest standard to complete all installations in accordance with the client’s specifications. Back-checks and quality assurance are undertaken at every outlet by Niche Supervisors and Account Managers.

Once installed, we have committed to customers and brand owners, to an agreed Service Level Agreement with regard to break/re-fix response times of 24 -72 hours and on-going maintenance schedules.