Retail Audits

Retail Audits is our in-store audit service. It is aimed at fmcg brands and O-T- C medicines and health brands. The audits will measure the following key performance criteria. Retail-audits is a service that can be customized and bespoke for each client’s individual requirements.

A typical audit would measure a few or all of the following KPI’s:

  • Availability analysis.
  • Pricing analysis.
  • Shelf spacing analysis.
  • Planogram compliance.
  • Facings analysis.
  • Promotions/Off shelf activity check.
  • Competitor intelligence.
  • Monitor brand activities in-store.
  • Category and SKU performance.

Retail-Audits will :

  • Measure in-store performance.
  • Diagnose & solve marketing & sales problems.
  • Identify & capture growth opportunities.
  • Create more effective working dialogue with your sales force or distributor.
  • Protect your investment in product and advertising dollars.

This information can be categorized by:

  • Individual store/outlet
  • Customer i.e. a chain of supermarkets/groceries
  • City
  • Country

This will provide a basis for positive, meaningful and effective dialogue with all parties involved in the distribution channel.