Understand Your Retail Estate

We at Niche are different.  We do not visit a segment of the market and then extrapolate figures to arrive at statistics. We actually visit every outlet and report on actual facts.  This, we believe, makes us unique.

In certain cases, our clients are aware of their retail estate and ask us to audit the whole estate or part of it.

In other cases, our client wants to know if their brand is actually available in identified countries, where it is being sold and how it is positioned.  

We can audit an entire city or a selected area of a city. 

Our digital and on-line reports tell our clients where their brand is and how it is positioned at any given date and time.

In summary, we can provide :

  • Retail audits of an agreed retail estate.
  • Retail Audits of a geographic area to identify the real estate.
  • Categorise all retail outlets by an agreed specification, e.g. square meterage of the outlet, number of cash-points, etc.
  • Identify POSM and visual merchandising opportunities in-store. 
  • Asset tracking and barcoding.
  • Space audits to measure linear and facings space availability.